Assam Pelai with Fish

Assam pelai with fish appetizing spicy sour soup can be eaten with rice or noodle Assam pelai or Assam Pedas with fish is spicy and sour soup pretty close to Assam laksa taste is appetizing and great with rice or noodle.

Simple to make soup

Assam Pelai
Assam Pedas with Fish

Ingredients for Assam Pelai with Fish

Assam Pelai with Selar Fish or Ikan Selar
Selar or Ikan Selar
Assam Pedas with Fish
Assam Pelai with Fish
  1. 12 Chilli
  2. 6 onions blended
  3. A bowl of Tamarind sauce 3 bowls of water
  4. 3 tablespoons of sugar
  5. 1/2 tablespoon salt
  6. A bunch or about 100gm of Laksa leaves
  7. Galangar 4-6 pcs of small fish kuningan or Selar Fish
  8. Add 3 pieces of pineapples (optional)

Great with rice or you can add bee hoon or noodle with the soup!

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