Becoming Vegan …

When my friend told me that she is vegan, I asked her what was the difference between vegan and vegetarian. And according to her, vegan do not take any animal produces like milk, cheese or eggs, while vegetarian can.

So, why vegan. The truth was, she wanted to lose weight, and being vegetarian is not good enough for her to do so, as she would continue to indulge in cheesy dishes, chocolates and eggs that were the primary reason for her extra weight gain, it seems.

So, what can vegan eat and still stay healthy.

Vegan Soup

Vegan soup – Cut carrot, potatoes and tomatoes and boil this simple ABC soup or you can even add peanuts if you enjoy eating them.

Red dates, dried longans, wolfberries and peanuts are also easy to boil and yet delicious soup, or simply add cut lotus roots or old cucumber, to add the extra flavour to your soup.

For spicy vegan soup, you may blend your dried chilly, garlic, onions and lemon grass as your soup base, add tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and mushroom for a sumptuous spicy vegan soup meal. Of course, not forgetting the tamarind sauce!

Remember to add salt to taste in your soup.

You can eat your rice with the soup or simply use the soup for your noodle base vegan soup.

Vegan Dishes

Stir fry garlic and shallot for your stir fry vegetable, which you can simply add soy sauce to taste.

Tastefully stir fry sliced carrot, mushroom and bean sprout or cabbage or cauliflowers or broccolli. You can add corn or tomatoes or wolfberries for extra flavour and colour.

Vegan Porridge

Sweet potatoes and potatoes are good add ons to make your porridge flavourful. Carrots and tomatoes are great add ons to your vegan porridge too. And remember the delicious green mustards if you like the taste.

And of course, all these soup, stir fried dishes, or porridge would taste even more heavenly with a few nicely cut chilli padi, the small sized spicy chilli.

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