The Benefits of Langsat Fruit

What is Langsat Fruit

Langsat is a small edible fruits with soft beige outer layer shell with sweet and sour white flesh wrapped on inedible bitter seeds. The larger size of langsat comes in clusters and is known as duku langsat.  It has sweeter taste than langsat.

Duku and Langsat
The front in clusters are duku langsat and the ones at the back is langsat.

Langsat is a seasonal fruits and is usually available in August through December.

Langsat contains rich nutrients of vitamins and fiber.  It is rich in vitamin A, thiamine and riboflavin, which are necessary for many body functions.

The duku langsat may have insects like ants, white ants and at times scorpions hiding in between the stem. So, be careful when eating them.

Duku Langsat
Duku Langsat

The Benefits of Langsat Fruit

The Benefits of Langsat
  1. Its Riboflavin enhances red blood cells Formation and helps in the break down of carbohydrates to provide energy to the body.
  2. Its Vitamin A helps to enhance healthy skin, eyes, teeth and tissues.
  3. It helps aids digestive problems
  4. It helps treat fever and cold
  5. The skin and seeds are Proven Anti-Malarial
  6. The skin and seeds helps reduce inflammation for gastrics, ulcers and flatulence
  7. Burning the peel of langsat keeps mosquitoes at bay and emits aromatic fragrance.
  8. Crushed seeds of langsat help lower the body temperature.
  9. It aids healing of skin issue, reducing redness, inflammation and itching on skin
  10. It aids weight loss