Home Cooked Food

Dining out is not easy if you have a family members of 4 or more, due to the restrictions of only two are allowed to dine in outside. So, why not whip up something in the comfort of your own kitchen?

Craving to dish out some delicious home cooked food in your own kitchen? We share with you some of the authentic and nice home cooked food that reminds you of home sweet home.

The list will continue to pile on as we continue to cook with our seasoned chef in the kitchen.

Delicious meal that you can now easily cook up instead.

Kiam chye boay

Kiam Chye Boay usually taste best after one day. See, the picture tells you all.

Kiam Chye Boay cooked the day before.

Hae Bee Hiam
Jiu Hu Char
Kiam Chye Boay ( Nyonya Mustard Greens Stew)
Assam Laksa Penang
Tom Yum Goong
Massaman Curry
Pad Thai
Mango Sticky Rice
Cabe Ijo ala Indonesian Green Chilli

Ju Hu Char
Jiu Hu Char

Home Baking

For you who love to bake. Bake your own delicious egg tarts. Easy and delicious.

And of course, you can also add more delectable food with these home baking recipes.

delicious egg tarts
Baking Egg Tarts
Baking Oreo Cheese Cake
Baking Oreo Cheese Cake
Chocolate cookies
Famous cookies

And for those of us who love the taste of some nyonya kuehs!