Indonesia Food

Indonesia is popular for its ayam penyet and bebek grepes that are deliciously crunchy and mouth watering.

You can find a lot of big malls and shopping centres with international restaurants and food centers that serve international and popular local food.

Ayam Goreng Telur Masin with Cabek Limau and Teh Ais Tawar & Kopi Kenangan, are some of the local delights that you can find here in Jakarta.

Indonesian food delights

The deep fried chilli fish and sambal kangkong and satay are delicious spread for a local meal in Jakarta, Indonesia. Savour delicious local Indonesian food delights at Sendayan Restaurant, which can be easily located in any big shopping malls.

Martabak Manis

Martabak Manis

Martabak Manis from many different stalls, among the largest franchise of martabak manis is Martabak Boss that serves range of martabak, curry martabak, and drinks.

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Discount with Mobile App

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Jakarta Indonesia

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