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Boon Mr Popeye Cafe

Boon Mr Popeye Cafe Marina Island Pangkor Malaysia, a place that serves good western and Malaysian food to local and tourist to Marina Island.

Situated next to the beach, it offers beautiful garden dining by the beach.  Its breezy and nice sceneries attract many couples, families and friends to dine here when they are in Marina Island.  It is located next to the Marina Island Ferry Jety to Pulau Pangkor.

Western Food

Boon Mr Popeye Cafe serves western food like chicken chop, fried fish fillet, fish and chips, steaks, mushroom and popeye soup and garlic bread, sphaghetti and many other types of western delights.

Malaysian Food

Also popular in its menu are the favourite Malaysian favourites like kampung fried rice, mee goreng, nasi goreng, mee soup and nasi lemak.

Enjoy beautiful garden dining or airconditioned dining at BOON Mr Popeye Cafe @ Marina Island Pangkor Lumut Malaysia

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next to the Marina Island Jetty Terminal to Pulau Pangkor.
JCM2 Jetty Complex 2 Teluk Muroh 32200 Marina Island Lumut

Food and Service Business

The food and service business can be a fun and profitable business when you know what are expected of you as food and service provider.  Today, eating and relaxing are people’s top fun to do stuff.

The universal language for customers in Singapore and Malaysia today. Oh, whether or not you agree with us….oh, yes, they are!

Makan Makan Makan
Chiak Chiak Chiak
Sapudu Sapudu Sapudu
Eat Eat Eat

For food service providers, these are some of the places and approval that you have to go through before setting up your makan establishments.

Singapore Food & Beverage Services
Malaysia Food & Technology Services

Food Industry Trends

The food industry trends started of with coffee shop, restaurants, hawker stalls, hawker centers, food kiosks, food trucks, food fare and pasar malam are popular among Singaporeans and Malaysians.

There are also themed food places that are children friendly and pets cafe.

Menu Trends

And of course the types of food served ranges from good food ranges like famous food spread of western food, best thai food, korean food, best hawker centers spread, vegetarian food, food street, halal food and even food catering and food delivery for those times when we want to gather and makan at home.