Nyonya Kueh

The peranakan are well known for their kueh-mueh. Nyonya kueh are usually sweet savouries that many of us enjoy during our afternoon tea breaks. Nyonya kueh are also available for sale outside. But, how about cooking up a few of our favourite nyonya kuehs.

Kueh Ubi Bingka

Kueh ubi bingka or baked tapioca cake also known as cassava cake is delicious and easy to make. The fragrant cake mix with fresh coconut milk is one of my many favourite nyonya kuehs.

How to make your own kueh ubi bingka at home.

Kueh Bingka Nyonya
Kueh Bingka

Kueh Salat

Many of my friends enjoy kueh salat. The mix of custard like pandan on glutinuous rice is just superb.

Check out how to make kueh salat, easy way to steaming your favourite nyonya kuehs.

Kueh salat or kueh seri muka
Kueh salat

Hae Bee Hiam with Glutinuous Rice

Well, let’s check out how to cook your favourite hae bee hiam or dried shrimp prawns and wrap it up in banana leaves with your glutinuous rice.

spicy dried shrimp
Hae Bee Hiam

Once you cook your hae bee hiam, simply boil and cook your glutinuous rice, mix them into your cleaned and cut banana leaves.

Hae bee hiam with glutinuous rice in banana leave
Nyonya kueh hae bee hiam and other delicacies on a big plate

Leave it for a while for the flavour to sip in before savouring them.