Restaurant Advertising Ideas

For more restaurant advertising ideas on how to market your restaurant in Singapore and Malaysia.  8 more tips for you here!

Be Camera Ready

These days, camera eats first before your customers.  Many are taking pictures of their food and beverages and where and what they eat.  So make sure your place and the presentation of your food will give you the credit you deserve.  Make your food and drinks appealing looking for the pictures and videos that your customers would be taking whenever they visit your food place.

Be Approachable

Service is very important in food places, if your food is good and your staff is rude, you would lose many customers.  If your food is ok but your service is excellent, many customers would still return to your place.  Make sure your staff are properly trained to give adequate and good customer service to your customers.  Happy customers make loyal customers.

Be Hygienic

Please please make sure that your toilet is clean. Make sure that your staff keeps the basics if not sparkly clean and hygienic place for your customers.

Be Googleble

Oh yes, this is definitely important.  Please make sure you are found on the 1st search engine of the world.  Be found and be very visible on google!  This will help you attract more new customers too.

Be Socialble

Be found on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter and etc.  Make sure that your customers see you, the place where they always hang out these days- the social media platforms.

Be Sharable

Uh huh!  Let customers be your voice, let them share about you on social media platforms, make sure they can.  Make your advertisements sharable on facebook, instagrams and twitter.

Be Friendly

Be friendly not just with the customers, but also with your foodie fans of food bloggers.  Invite food bloggers to blog and shout out for you.  This method proofs to work for many if not all food and service establishment.  Choose your bloggers right.

Be Remembered

Brand your signature dish, food, service and all marketing media. Make sure your interesting marketing media leaves an impression with all whom come in contact with you on any of the platforms.

You can easily diy all the above.  However, as a restaurant or food place owner, focus on your business, outsource or get others to help you instead. Get the right marketers to help you on how to market your restaurant to your customers.